Interested in a blog, or powerful Content Management System?
WordPress is the answer

When our clients want to edit their own content or are interested in a blog, we will often suggest that they go with WordPress. Those who blog are interested in generating content, not generating code. WordPress is a great tool for those who are non technical but who want a great looking blog that is easy to update.

WordPress is made to be user-friendly, working with it is very intuitive. The control panel is well laid out so it is easy to quickly find what you are looking for.

Plug-ins For Everything

It is not necessary to use any code to add popular features to your blog. With a click of a button you can add features like polls, social media links or analytics to your site. There is no need to hunt for, download, unzip, upload and install plug-ins, all of this is done through the control panel.

Plenty of Themes

WordPress themes are easy to find and plentiful. You can opt for paid or free themes in any color and many popular designs and layout options. Most themes are easily customized and can be adapted to suit the unique needs of your website or blog.


WordPress was built from the ground up as a blogging platform. This means that it contains the options and tools appropriate to blogging without all the unnecessary options you will find in other content management systems. This keeps you on task—generating interesting content—rather than wading through menus and options that you will never use or need.

Community Support

WordPress would not exist if not for the community of users and developers that support and build the themes, plug-ins and tools on which the platform is built. Technical support is typically a forum post or e-mail away.

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