Web Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. [1]

Web analytics not only measures website traffic, but it can also be used for business and market research. It can also provide information that can help improve the effectiveness of the website as well as help companies measure the results of print advertising campaigns. Web analytics provides information about the number of visitors to a web site, the number of pages they viewed, how long they were on your site as well as what sites or search terms brought the users to your site.

Learn more about web analytics on the Web Analytics Glossary page.

Why Web Analytics?

Website analytics identifies how users interact with your website. Understanding website user behavior enables site owners to make sites more usable, make information more readily available and ultimately helping users to achieve their goals more quickly.  Our web analytics experts can help you:

Track Visitors & Trends

Where your visitors are coming from?
Monitor the activities of every individual to your website, visitor system information, and general traffic trends. Find out where your visitors are coming from, what page people are arriving at, how many return visitors your site is receiving, which hours of the day are most active, and much more.

Maximize Your ROI

Improve your website’s performance.
One of the biggest problems online marketers face is getting website visitors to convert into profitable customers. We can help you track and analyze the performance of all your online initiatives, search engine results and marketing campaigns so that you can improve your website’s performance — and your business’s bottom line.

Track Campaigns

Which ads drive the most sales?
Identify and track which online marketing campaigns are most effective. Learn which advertisements produce the most traffic. Learn which advertisements bring the most sales. Fine-tune your advertising campaigns to increase conversions and profitability.

Click Path Analysis

How do users use your site?
See how website visitors are navigating your website. Learn which paths are most common — and which are not — so that you can optimize your website’s design and navigation to improve website retention, conversion and profitability.

1. The Official WAA Definition of Web Analytics

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